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About Drug Rehab and Clinic … ?

Question by Gracie: About drug rehab and clinic … ?
Hello my best friend is now is a clinic.
She is in and out for a long time..from cocaine (witch she is using for 7 years) and alcohols..etc, she is taking cocaine every 5 min and a bottle of vodka every 30 min..first I thought it is a joke but it wasn’t.
I am paling to go and look after her, but the problem is now.
What can the clinic do? and if you (or some one you know) ever been in a rehab please tell me what they really do to help you.
Thank you!

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Answer by DrugRehabConsulting
Get your friend into a good drug rehab center. With the situation described, she needs 24 hours supervision by medical personnel in an environment that is safe for her.
Inpatient rehab basically runs a medical and psychological evaluation (to see if there any co-existing psychological disorders), then they put together a treatment program including psychotherapy, counseling, detox and if it’s a good one nutritional support, exercise, and group activities. All this is done in an environment away from home to break the habit.
I don’t think your friend has any other option than a inpatient drug treatment program.

Good Luck

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