Drug Addiction: Is It Really Worth the Cost?


Drug Addiction: Is it really worth the cost? – DrugRehabConsulting.com – Honestly you probably spend more money on your addiction than you spend on your recovery. So cast the money issue as a lame excuse. You can only be successful if you do your drug rehab in an environment that is conducive for drug addiction recovery. That’s why so many outpatient and self help trials fail. You are still locked into your environment and you have to be very strong to actually succeed. Unfortunately most of us are not in that category. At http we get calls every day from people who have tried for years to kick their drug addiction on their own, but have failed. Partially because they never really committed to a program and partially because their environment just didn’t give the right support. And support sometimes means to be strict, means to not allow any deviation from your drug addiction intervention, not for a Saturday night party or anything else. Zilch. If you have compassion for a loved one who is struggling with drug addiction, you need to be strict with them. If you want to get clean yourself, you need to tell your friends and family, that you are a drug addict and if they want to help you that they should not to tolerate any deviation from the program. Tell them that you will be very creative in finding excuses, but if they love you that will have to put you on the spot. They will definitely see a difference between drug addiction before and after. That’s why residential drug rehab programs are most successful in drug


Combating prescription drug abuse

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It has caused a spike in crimes, especially theft, as addicts have looked for ways to support their addictions. This has doubly strained law enforcement as they fight drug trafficking. It has also served as a gateway to other drug use, including heroin …
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Federal Drug Policy Administrator Speaks to Westchester, Rockland Anti-Drug

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Jack Claypoole, associate deputy director & drug free community administrator at the White House office of National Drug Control Policy, believes this a mistake. “Who would've thought we'd be dealing prescription drug abuse or synthetic drugs today,” …
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