Does Anybody Know Why Demi Lovato Is in Rehab?

Question by Tori Hart: Does anybody know why Demi Lovato is in Rehab?
yeah, I know it sounds crazy! but it was all over the news. If you don’t believe it then go to google, click on the news section, and type in “Demi Lovato in Rehab” I can’t figure out why she is though. Is it for drugs and alcohol, or emotional problems. I really want to know though, because I never thought this would happen!

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Answer by Rachel Down South Yall`
Emotional Breakdown. I am shocked to. That is the first time I had heard about that. I hope she gets better.

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  • Simona Shao says:

    Because her relationship with Joe Jonas was all for publicity and she just found out. She had a severe emotional breakdown because she was genuinely involved in the relationship and when she found out she was in her music tour with the Jonas Brothers which caused her even more trauma. She finally started blaming herself and resulted to cutting and an eating disorder.

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