Do People With Drug Addictions Go to Mental Hospitals or Institutions?

Question by Audrey Rickard: Do people with drug addictions go to mental hospitals or institutions?
I am writing a one act play and the characters are living in a mental hospital. One suffers from hallucinations and schizophrenia. The other is a heroin addict and the last suffers from social anxiety and hates change. I was wondering, do people with drug addictions go where people with other mental illnesses go? Thank you! It would really help!

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Answer by Rachel
Sounds interesting!

Addiction and mental health disorders go hand in hand. Both have a negative impact on the other. Addiction makes mental health symptoms worse and some people use substances to alleviate mental health symptoms.

When someone suffers from a mental health illness and addiction he or she needs to seek dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis treatment will address both issues at the same time offering relief from both ailments.

I have worked in a psychiatric hospital and we had locked units both for chemical dependency detox and for those who were straight psyche we had a psychiatric unit. Most of the time if a mentally ill person is in need of addiction treatment dual diagnosis is the correct term.

I am attaching several resources for information about this subject for you.

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  • Yao C says:

    Yes..Addiction is a catch-all term for a complex behavioral disorder. The most obvious symptom is that addicts reach a point where they cannot control their own actions. Even when they can see the harm, they continue the compulsive behavior.
    And they really need to be treated. They need treatment centers like Rehabs which are specialize on treating drug addictions or other addictions. Read more on drug addiction at

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