CNN Drinking Age Debate Between CR and MADD


CNN Drinking Age Debate between CR and MADD – Two opposing organizations, Choose Responsibility and MADD, debate the drinking age on CNN’s American Morning.


14 Responses to CNN Drinking Age Debate Between CR and MADD

  • The40nontyy3 says:

    18 in Europe, and since I look older, I was abile buy alcohol since I was
    16. lol
    Poor Americans. ?

  • ggyouwin says:

    16 in belgium ^^

  • TolerantBastard says:

    18 old enough to kill and die for your country, not old enough to have a
    beer afterwards. WTF!

  • OJOdin says:

    America pretty much sucks in all aspects compared to western/northern
    europe. Only good thing on that continent is Canada. Nobody likes the US
    except for americans themselves.

  • Aaron Kimball says:

    @dayvidiot YES

  • matthew melton says:

    I never realized how stupid Americans are

  • anon says:

    In The UK it is 18 abs in many other parts of Europe for example Italy of
    Germany it is 16

  • Tyler Martin says:


  • Abby V says:

    all the haters who argue that eighteen years olds are not mature enough to
    drink obviously don’t know that a person can vote, serve on a jury, be
    tried as an adult in a court of law, live on their own, volunteer or be
    drafted into the military, get married, and smoke cigarettes at eighteen

  • kaesample420 says:

    @kaesample420 Finishing my argument : American teens use more hard drugs
    like ecstasy effects the brain more teenagers and young adults do ecstasy
    more than adults do.Alcohol also causes depression and suicide and more
    victims of date rape . When your in high school most kids are still 18
    years old or 17 and still know 18 year olds anyone who think the the
    alcohol age should be lowered to 18 is retarded.Lets buy alcohol for the
    whole High school and middle school you idiot.

  • scabey94635i says:

    madd is nothing but a bunch of hypocrites talking about letting 18 year
    olds drink will cause many deaths, how about when 18 year olds go to war
    what then, i would say they are put in more danger than consuming an
    alcoholic beverage. goddamit MADD just pisses me off

  • Djonemore says:

    Let me debate with this Glenn guy… Give him true facts from everyday
    situations. He would flip his wig if he knew the truth.

  • Jonathan Todorov says:

    @tatomuck18 so explain Canada and Europe please? We have less drunk driving
    and alcohol related fatalities for those 18-21 because its legal and it’s
    not a big deal to drink. People drink more responsibly since it isn’t as

  • marcus cruz-galvan says:

    hey madd dude dide you know that you havent saved any lifes

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