Any Suggestions as to How to Find Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Mexia, Texas?

Question by destiny ls: Any suggestions as to how to find drug rehabilitation centers in Mexia, Texas?
I have a friend who idolizes someone who used to do heroin (that person’s dead now). I guess my friend really wanted to know what her idol saw in heroin that she began trying it too, and now she’s hooked. I want to help her, even if it’s just by finding a drug rehab for her. Any suggestions as to how I could convince her to get herself treated too?

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Answer by CARRIE S
I’m really sorry that your friend became addicted to heroin. I think it would be good to conduct a drug intervention for her. Do her parents know about her fixation on heroin? I think it would be good if they knew. At least then they could take her to a doctor and she’ll be assessed by a professional. As for finding drug rehabs, the links below will surely be able to help you out. You can also ask around at various drug rehabs if they have intervention specialists that will be willing to assist you with the intervention.

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