Addiction Treatment


Addiction Treatment – Learn about addiction treatment for a variety of addictions including: Crystal meth addiction (methamphetamine addicti…


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  • ian johnson says:

    Weed is addicting, but I love it, its about as addicting as coffee, maybe a
    little more, ok a lot more.

  • Microslipp says:

    I have smoked large amounts for 13years non stop and i have stopped in 1
    day. I dont find weed or hash to be addictive, but sigarettes are! One
    thing is for certain some people cant handle marijuana, just as some cant
    handle alcohol. Some people puff puff pass and others puff puff and pass
    out. 😉 But i dont see any remaining side effects. But i am talking about
    natural seeds grow in a natural way not the chemical or scientifically
    manipulated weed breed.

  • AddictionTreatmentDr says:

    Very Helpful post!

  • James T says:

    stop smoking, then you will realize what this bright man realized

  • SandMan2733 says:


  • Saltandp07 says:

    god bless u. good jop!!

  • truemathias says:

    pot has no addictive properties…. a weak mind feeds a weak soul

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